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Exterior and Interior Painting Service in Kirkland WA

Are you considering giving your home a fresh look? At New Generation Cleans, we specialize in exterior and interior painting services in Kirkland, WA that are perfect for any home or business. Our friendly team has been helping families and businesses brighten their spaces for over seven years. We’re a family-owned business that knows the importance of a good paint job and is here to help you.

Painting your house is a big task, but it’s nothing to stress about. We provide free estimates so you can understand all the details and costs before we start working. Our team is available 24 hours daily, ready to fit your busy schedule. We handle it all, whether it’s freshening up the outside of your house to boost curb appeal or changing the inside to match your style. Our exterior painting services aren’t just for looks; a good paint job protects your walls and siding from weather and wear.

Exterior and Interior Painting Services in Kirkland, WA

Trustworthy Interior Painting Services Near You

When painting your property, it’s important to choose professionals who get the job done right. That’s where we come in. New Generation Cleans offers high-quality interior painting services near Kirkland, WA, and guarantees that the job meets your guaranteed satisfaction. We even promise to match or beat other prices, so you always get the best deal with us. And since we’re open all day every day, scheduling with us is a breeze, no matter how hectic your timetable might be.

We know the common painting problems, like uneven coatings or peeling paint, and we’re equipped to handle them. By choosing New Generation Cleans, you’re not just getting a paint job; you’re ensuring that your home or office looks great and stays protected from the elements. Don’t let inexperienced painters handle your home improvement; trust the family-operated experts who care as much as you do about your satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

Before we begin painting, we provide a clear plan that covers all the steps. This helps ensure the work meets your needs and stays on time and within budget.

You won’t have to worry about cleaning up after we paint. We’ll ensure your space is clean to enjoy your updated look immediately.

Your time is important to us. Our team is dedicated to starting and finishing the job on time to keep your life running smoothly.


If your walls are fading and peeling, or you just want a change of color, it might be time for painting. Exterior painting is typically needed every 5-7 years.

We use high-quality, durable paints designed for each specific environment, ensuring longevity and the best finish for interior and exterior applications.

We recommend clearing the area of furniture and valuables. For exterior projects, securing pets and providing access to water sources would be helpful.

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