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Residential Window Cleaning In Snoqualmie WA

Hey there! If you’re looking for someone to clean your windows or help with some other home maintenance, New Generation Cleans is here for you. Our family-run business has been here for seven years, offering residential window cleaning in Snoqualmie, WA. We ensure your windows are clean thoroughly, letting in that beautiful Snoqualmie light.

Our team is friendly and professional, and we’re always ready to lend a hand, whether a small job or a big one. We use careful methods to make your windows clean and shiny without harm. We’re also open every day to work around your busy schedule. We aim to meet your needs and take good care of your time and property. And remember, we provide free estimates and guarantee your satisfaction, aiming to meet or beat the prices you might get elsewhere.

Window Cleaning Solutions in Snoqualmie, WA

Keeping Your Home Pristine With Spotless Window Washing Service

Continuing with our window washing services in Snoqualmie, we don’t just stop at window washing. We handle various tasks to maintain your home’s beauty and integrity. From pressure washing your sidewalks to sealing your driveway, we ensure every corner of your home looks great and is protected from weather and wear. Our window cleaning services help keep your home safe and secure from top to bottom.

We know the local weather and the problems it can cause to keep a house in good shape. We use the latest equipment and methods, from high-efficiency pressure washers to eco-friendly cleaning solutions, to address these unique needs effectively—our specialty deals with common problems like moss on your roof or dirt buildup on windows. Hiring someone without know-how could leave you with less-than-ideal results. With New Generation Cleans, you can rest easy knowing that we handle everything carefully, keeping your home looking its best all year round.

Why Choose Us

We understand that your time is precious. That’s why we’re open 24 hours, ready to serve you whenever you need us without disrupting your routine.

Unsure about the cost? We eliminate the guesswork by offering free, no-obligation estimates. This way, you can plan your expenses better without surprises.

Let us know if you find a lower price elsewhere. We aim to meet or beat competitors’ prices, ensuring you get the best deal.


We recommend cleaning your windows at least twice a year, but this can vary based on your home’s exposure to elements and personal preference for cleanliness.

Ensure all windows are accessible, and remove any delicate items near the windows. We handle everything else, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Yes, we can effectively remove hard water stains using specific treatments that restore the clarity of your windows without damaging the glass.

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